Military Drills in Dnipro

Firearms, sirens, patrol cars, military equipment, and police dogs have seen some action at the airport in the city of Dnipro. According to the scenario of the drills, law-enforcement units had to stop terrorists from reaching the landing strip and hijacking a passenger plane


Based on the “terrorist act” call, the Siren operation plan has been launched in the Dnipropetrovsk operative zone.

Police, security services and special forces are being called on alarm. Under the drill’s scenario there are armed terrorists near the city airport – six people in camouflage are trying to get on the runway.

At the airport, units of the Rapid Response Corps, police officers, dog handlers and bomb technicians head out immediately. A situation room coordinates the actions of all forces involved. An airport representative briefs everyone on how airport security handled the situation up to this point.

The guard fired his weapon, and demanded the unidentified group to stop.

Terrorists are trying to break through, but unsuccessfully.

The perpetrators do not give up. They split into two groups, and flee in different directions. The area around the airport is surrounded by the police. Officers are checking all the cars. At this stage police dogs are being involved.

After several hours, the pretend terrorists are found hiding in an abandoned building.

With the perpetrators detained, law enforcement officials report on the job done.

“None of the police officers knew that there would be terrorists. They were found and neutralized only during joint search effort in the area of the drill. All the results considered, all police units of the Dnipropetrovsk region completed their tasks well,” said Dmytro Doroshenko, deputy head of the situational department of the Dnipro regional police office.

This drill is just one of the counter-terrorist exercises in the city of Dnipro. Over the course of several days, they will be held in several major facilities of the city, all with different scenarios and objectives.

Source UATV
date 01.11.2019
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