Ukrainian Soldiers to be Sent to Russian Border

Combat training was reduced to two weeks so that troops can be deployed at the border with Russia



Ukraine is calling up its reservists and deploying its troops to the border with Russia to counter a sharp increase in Russian forces along Ukraine’s border. The move comes a week after Russian forces fired on and captured three Ukrainian naval vessels at the Kerch Strait.

“According to the martial law measures, I have made a decision to shorten the period of combat training and ensure, without any damage to the quality, timely redeployment of troops to sites of possible attacks by the aggressor state – Russia,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.

In the Chernihiv region, along with the Armed Forces, Ukraine’s National Guard, Special Operations Forces, and Security Service trained. The brigade tactical fire exercises will last until Wednesday.

The soldiers drilled simulated attacks on Ukrainian positions including conflict with small arms’ and with armored personnel carriers.

The troops drilled suppressing enemy’s attacks along with firing volleys with a howitzer.

The servicemen worked on their skills to fight in an encirclement, defend captured lines and overcome water barriers.

“As of this moment, the brigade has carried out a task under the cover of artillery. And now you see the units of the second echelon that will enter the battle to continue the offensive,” Andriy Hryshchenko, deputy commander of the Ukrainian ground forces said.



Source UATV
date 04.12.2018
categories News releases, Ukraine
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