Military Exercises Near Mariupol

The soldiers who participated in the training already serve at the frontline and were more than aware that the things they learned in training were essential for their survival


Assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and infantry fighting vehicles were all used for training near the Azov Sea port city of Mariupol.

Ukrainian marine units involved in defending Ukraine on the front line held the drills not far from their posts.

The military attempted to make the exercises as close to real as possible. They used 30 mm BTM guns with ranges of up to a kilometer. According to their training scenario, they had to eliminate a target.

The Naval infantry personnel moved toward the enemy under the cover of an armored personnel carrier. The vehicle offers a way to carry out reconnaissance, define targets and priorities on the battlefield, and is also a powerful weapon able to destroy enemy objects.

The soldiers fired from automatic weapons and a modernized Kalashnikov machine gun. The Kalashnikov had a 7.62 caliber and required a box of hundreds of rounds to train on. It’s used for suppressing enemy infantry fire.

All of the soldiers at the training had been in the conflict zone for over a year. One particular group, the ‘storming berets,’ had served at some of the hottest spots in the Donbas war. Unlike some green soldiers, they were all too aware that everything they learned would be necessary information on the real battlefield.

“We know that a soldier should know how to shoot from every kind of weapon and that they are an indispensable unit. If your partner gets wounded, you should be able to take up his gun and know how to shoot from it,” Eduard, a machine gunner said.

Another exercise the soldiers went through was opening fire after a surprise attack. The enemy often appears suddenly and soldiers often have no time to aim. Yet bullets must hit their targets if soldiers hope to survive through the enemy fire.

“We practiced shooting at the targets we were ordered to fire upon. In general, the gunners who performed this exercise carried out the order and hit the targets,” Marine Company Commander, Pavlo Sbytov said.

The 503rd Ukrainian Naval Infantry Battalion is one of the most combat-ready units in the Ukrainian military. They are currently stationed in the Donetsk Region and defend the Priazovsky Front.

Source UATV
date 04.12.2019
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