Military Hospital Promotes Blood Donation Among Ukrainian Service Personnel

Blood donation days. A military hospital in Kyiv is holding the event timed to coincide with World Cancer Day. Among those donating blood are service members, border guards and medics


Stanislav Yushchenko, the head of the surgery department, has come straight from the operating room. And, although he’s been working for more than 10 years in this hospital, this is his first time donating blood. And Stanislav plans to get back to work right after the procedure.

“There is a planned surgery, however, I won’t be the operating surgeon. I will only assist. So, I think I will manage,” Stanislav said.

Stanislav is one of many who has decided to participate in the Blood Donation Days event, a three-day blood drive organized by his hospital. All potential donors must fill out several forms and pass a medical exam. Also required: having a cup of sweetened tea and some cookies, which help keep blood sugar up when donating. It’s time to get tested now. The staff determines Stanislav’s blood type and RH factor.

“As surgeons, we often have to deal with the lack of certain blood groups. Sometimes, there is none at all in the transfusion centers. That’s why we are looking for donors ourselves, we call everyone. This is a problem and we have to solve it,” Stanislav added.

The collected blood will go to help service members, veterans, their families and others. It’s a gift that’s needed on a daily basis.

“Our country is in a state when blood is always needed for the military. For those now in the Joint Forces Operation. We want to set an example for everyone. Our military can create a blood bank for its colleagues and brothers-in-arms and for all citizens of Ukraine,” a senior resident at the Border Guard Service Main Military Medical Center Dmytro Suhomovskyi said.

The standard unit of blood donated is 450 milligrams. It takes around five to seven minutes to donate. Every donor receives 73 hryvnias, or about three dollars, to buy some food after the procedure. The donors are eligible for two paid days off from work: The first, on the day of the procedure. And the second one can be used any time during the year.

Everyone can donate blood in this hospital until February 6. There are still standard restrictions – no alcohol for at least two days prior to the procedure and overall, the person should be in good health. It is also possible to receive lab results for an HIV test two days after the donation in the city blood center.

And, if they miss this event, Ukrainians can donate blood at any time of the year at their local blood bank.

Source UATV
date 05.02.2019
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