Military Paramedics Train Teachers

Paramedics experienced in saving wounded soldiers in the Donbas conflict zone are now showing school teachers how to administer first aid. So far 1,500 teachers in Dnipro have been trained and certified


As paramedic Serhiy Fedorov described the basics of triage, school teachers sat at their desks, listened carefully, and took notes.

“This is very important for us since we are working with children. We are not only teaching, we are with them during recess and field trips. Anything can happen. And it is our responsibility to provide kids with first aid while we are waiting for the ambulance to arrive,” said a health teacher, Olena Viktorova.

Over 40 teachers from different schools in Dnipro participated in the training. They had to assimilate a lot of material in just one day: how to stop bleeding, how to restore breathing, how to perform CPR, as well as how to deal with strokes, convulsions, and loss of consciousness.

“When we were putting the program together we included all the common situations that most often happen to people on the streets. Both adults and children,” Fedorov said.

At first, the teachers took a theoretical course.

After theory came the practice. The teachers were taught to put tourniquets on themselves. The instructor watched them carefully.

The next stage was cardiac resuscitation. Teachers needed to learn how to administer a heart massage and use a portable defibrillator. They learned how to perform CPR on a special mannequin.

“This is the only place where I can practice. God forbid I ever have to use this knowledge in real life. However, if I do, I want to know how to do it properly,” law teacher Nataliia Shyrstiuk said.

Over the last two years, the paramedics have managed to train 1,500 teachers. In some schools, the entire teaching staff have taken the course and have been certified.

“These classes are for teachers and other members of the school staff. Everyone, including librarians, should acquire this knowledge and get a certificate,” school director Liubov Rudnyk said.

The trainings were free of charge. Paramedics plan to train another 1,500 teachers by the end of the year.

Source UATV
date 13.11.2019
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