Mingarelli Wants to Speed Up Implementation of EU-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

He believes that this agreement will integrate the Ukrainian economy into the EU's market


Photo from Ukrinform

Hugues Mingarelli, the head of the European Union delegation’s to Ukraine, calls for speeding up the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, Ukrinform reports.

“We (the EU – ed.) have the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine, and we should speed up the implementation of this agreement,” Mingarelli said at the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

He believes that this agreement will integrate the Ukrainian economy closer to the EU’s open market.

Mingarelli said that the international trade system is not perfect. It has gaps and imbalances that should be worked on.

“But protectionism is not the answer. We think the answer is the modernization of the World Trade Organization through negotiations and strengthening the international trade system based on generally accepted rules,” Mingarelli said.

Kyiv International Economic Forum is the leading international platform that analyzes and debates Ukrainian and global economic, business, entrepreneurship trends and opportunities, and their relationship with wider societal and policy matters. The forum is attended by foreign businessmen, financiers and investors to discuss the prospects of cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises.

The forum started today and will end tomorrow.

Source Ukrinform
date 18.10.2018
categories Ukraine and the EU
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