Minister of Defense Explains Planned Troop Withdrawal 

The plan is for disengagement along the contact line in Donbas


Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


The disengagement of joint forces from the line of contact will take place gradually, section by section, Minister of Defense Andriy Zahorodniuk explained in an interview with Radio Liberty, Ukrinform reported.

“This won’t be happening everywhere, at one moment. Section by section. And we will monitor the other side for this to happen bilaterally. Meaning, this is not a retreat,” Zahorodniuk said.

According to the Minister, the mirror withdrawal of troops will be the decisive factor for the Ukrainian side. The General Staff is currently working on a disengagement plan that will take into consideration all the risks and will be presented later.

Zahorodniuk said that preparatory work will be carried out for every single section of the contact line.

“And definitely, security issues, logistics, and technical preparation for every single section will be worked out and explained […] This has to be done in the right technical way because we already have positions, the whole system of defense structuring has been developed. We talked to soldiers, to General Staff, nobody will carry out this without preparation […] Surely we will watch the other side to do the same,” Zahorodniuk said.

According to him, those soldiers, whom they talked to, understand that this as part of the military strategy and acknowledge the further safety impact of the event.

Source Ukrinform
date 22.09.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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