Minister: Ukraine Could Agree to Direct Gas Purchases from Russia if Price Is Fair


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Energy Minister Olexiy Orzhel stated that Ukraine could “potentially” agree on direct gas purchases from Russia, Ukrainian online media Hromadske reported.

He also added that prices should be set up in accordance with the European indicators, if this were to happen.

According to the article, citing the Minister, Ukraine maintains a “clear, frank and honest” position throughout the negotiations on gas transit with the Russian Federation.

“We say: even if we potentially could make an agreement on direct purchases with you [Russia], combined with a transit agreement […] then the price has to be linked to the European indicator. In any case, we will no longer pay a political price,” Orzhel said.

Over the past four years, Ukraine has not been buying natural gas from Russia. Russia has not yet agreed to a new gas transit deal, which brings about $3 billion to the Ukrainian budget annually. This current agreement expires on December 31, 2019.

On November 6, 2019, Gazprom stated it will continue gas transit through Ukraine if Ukraine cancels court claims against Gazprom, which amount to $22 billion, and agree to direct purchases of gas from the company.

Source Hromadske
date 01.12.2019
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