Folklore Ensemble Celebrates a Decade

Mnohaya Leta performed on the stages of Italy and Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia


Members of “Mnohaya Leta,” a student ensemble, are celebrating their tenth anniversary with ancient ritual and ceremonial songs. The ensemble performs ancient Ukrainian music and studies Ukrainian customs.

Its founder, Anna Koropnichenko, has been involved in folklore expeditions for 30 years. She saw “Mnohaya Leta” as a way to share her passion. This year, the folk music group celebrates a decade since its establishment and invites Ukrainians to experience the vocal traditions of the Kyiv and Poltava regions.

“You see, for example, today we perform such songs which are no longer heard in villages. There are no people who sing such songs. This is an ancient layer of songs. And nowadays, no one will hear them in villages. And therefore, so these songs don’t disappear, we revive them, so-to-say,” Koropnichenko said.

Their artistic endeavors comprise of lyrical and ceremonial songs collected during expeditions. Koropnichenko said that they never arrange these folk songs, as they try to preserve their genuine nature. This authentic singing manner, as well as traditional folk costumes, contributes to the ensemble’s original flavor.

“I travel around my region. I am from Poltava region. We met such elderly women who initially did not want to sing. And later they just were singing for two or three hours, and did not want to let us go. And they accompanied us with songs, with songs, with songs! It was fantastic,” singer Marharyta Kozynska said.

Olha Vakulich also took part in the cultural expeditions. Though she graduated from the university almost 2 years ago, she continues to sing in the ensemble.

“I was also lucky to record songs from one man, who was 99 years old. It was very cool! Then a year later he celebrated his 100th birthday. I was glad. Because he was a participant of the Polish War and the Second World War. These are historical people! You see, you have to be lucky to record songs from such people,” Vakulich said.

Since 2008, the folk music collective has presented Ukrainian songs to numerous foreign audiences. Mnohaya Leta performed on the stages of Italy and Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This, according to the ensemble, helps them preserve Ukrainian culture and allow foreigners to get acquainted with it.

Source UATV
date 28.10.2018
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