Modern Ukrainian Literature at Warsaw Book Fair

The largest book festival in Poland, which brought together publishing houses from 27 countries and over a thousand writers, kicked off in Warsaw


Modern Ukrainian essays, books about Ukraine and colorful children’s literature are being presented at the Warsaw Book Fair.

“This is the 10th fair and Ukraine has its permanent place. But while last year publishers focused on Ukrainian translations of Polish literature and on Polish language textbooks for Ukrainian schools, this year a greater emphasis has been made on children’s literature and new books on the history and geography of Ukraine,” Mykola Yarmoliuk, Advisor to Ukraine’s Embassy in Poland said.

Thirteen Ukrainian publishing houses are showcased.

“I got myself this book on modern Ukrainian theater. I’m looking forward to enjoying it. I’m very happy that Ukrainian books are represented here,” Polish Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski said.

“We’ll try to teach the young people from Poland to use Cyrilics. As you know, older people still remember a bit from communist times. But the youth are not familiar with it and it’s a problem. They’re even afraid to go to Ukraine because they can’t read anything,” Publisher Yuriy Zaavadskiy said.

The book fair features over one thousand events, including meetings with writers, illustrators, and translators, as well as separate sections of comics and popular science books, and a pop culture festival.

Source UATV
date 25.05.2019
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