Mogherini Lauds Resiliency of Ukraine in Speech

Federica Mogherini gave a speech at Oxford University


Photo Flickr/European External Action Service


European Union High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini gave a speech at Oxford University where she addressed the role that the EU plays in the world and how progress could be made to make the EU even more successful.

During her speech, she explained the need for the EU to take a global role to help push back against ‘global disorder.’ She also stressed the importance of a unified front on the issue of climate change and its impact on not just the EU but the world as a whole.

Addressing Ukraine, she stressed the work that the EU has done in supporting Ukraine after the Maidan revolution in 2014 and the subsequent Russian invasion of Crimea as well as the war in Donbas.

“The conflict in Donbas and the illegal annexation of Crimea are still ongoing. But compared to five years ago, Ukraine is a completely different country. It is a much stronger country, thanks primarily to the Ukrainian people’s stubborn demand and work for change – anti-corruption, reforms – , but also thanks to the European Union’s contribution. In five years, we have put together the largest support package in the history of the European Union. No one has invested in Ukraine as much as we did and we have never invested anywhere else as much as we have invested in Ukraine,” Mogherini said.

Relating the importance of the EU, she added that “[n]o individual European country could have done the same alone – not one. Such work truly makes a positive difference in the life of millions, inside and outside the European Union.”

Source UATV
date 16.10.2019
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