Moscow Court Denies Release of Captive Ukrainian Sailors

The court meeting was held in a closed session
Photo by Roman Tsymbaliuk

A Moscow court dismissed an appeal calling for an end to the extension of the arrest of four of the 24 Ukrainian sailors that were taken captive by the Russian Federation last November at the Kerch Strait.

“The decree was left unchanged. The procedure for calculating the days spent in custody was changed, this is a technical issue, the defendants remain in jail until July 24,” lawyer Oleg Eliseev said.

The court meeting was held in closed session. Sailors Viktor Bespalchenko, Volodymyr Varimez, Vladyslav Kostyshyn, and Serhiy Chuliba will remain in penitentiary as the Lefortovo District Court of Moscow ruled in April.

Also today, a court decision on appeals for sailors Roman Mokriak, Serhiy Tsybizov, Andriy Oprysko, and Yevhen Semydotsky is expected.

Source UATV
date 20.05.2019
categories Prisoners of Kremlin
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