Museum for ‘Carol of the Bells’

The museum-apartment of the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych offers virtual tours in three languages. There, visitors can learn how one of the most popular Christmas carols in the world was created


The ‘Carol of the Bells’, or ‘Shchedryk’ in the original Ukrainian – one of the most recognizable Christmas carols in the world – was created in the house of composer Mykola Leontovych, whose personal belongings are still kept in his hometown of Tulchyn in the Vinnytsia region.

“His daughters Halyna and Nadiia lived here. And of course, they inherited this house and everything inside. And they preserved all of it,” Deputy Director of the Tulchyn Local History Museum Svitlana Lukashenko said.

The Leontovych museum-apartment was opened about 40 years ago. The exhibits have not changed. But the original format needed updating.

Visitors today receive information differently, so part of the tour has been switched to an electronic format. Everything visitors want to know about Leontovych’s artistic legacy can be accessed on a tablet in three languages — English, Ukrainian, and Polish.

“We can go through and see where excerpts of ‘Shchedryk’ have been used. Not only in the iconic ‘Home Alone’ movie, released in the early 1990s but in many other movies released since then,” employee of Leontovych museum-apartment, Liliia Bevziuk-Voloshyna said.

Using a QR code, smartphone users can learn other, lesser-known facts about Leontovych’s work. They were collected by contemporary music scholars.

“It is very atmospheric. I have mixed feelings, but it is definitely pleasant. On the one hand, you relax, and on the other, you immerse yourself in historical moments and memories,” museum visitor, Tetiana Protsyk said.

In the nearest future, the museum plans to launch an ‘audio tour.’ Musical accompaniment, including the composer’s most famous works, will be a key element of the audio excursion.

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date 06.12.2019
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