‘Music In Color’ Exhibition

The works were created by a young artist who suffers from epileptic seizures


In Kyiv, an exhibition titled “Music in Color” was presented by an artist who suffers from epileptic seizures.

An architect by trade, Alla Zabolotna became a psychologist and a special education teacher. She took this path because of her son Oleh,  who has been disabled since childhood.

Twice, he survived clinical death and subsequently it led to coordination dysfunction and epilepsy.

“When he was nine months, the doctors said, ‘He will not be able to sit. He is a plant. Leave him, you have no choice. But who would leave their own child?'” Zabolotna said.

But her son did survive and now he is making art. Now Zabolotna is presenting it. In 2003, Oleh unexpectedly started to paint music, she said.

“This is the style of abstract compositions that is really music, because music is also abstract. These works very carefully convey color-sound effects with gel pens. This is a very rare technique. I do not know who even works using such a technique. Oleh’s works are absolutely unique works,” artist Olena Yerak said.

The young artist knew nothing about painting rules or drawing techniques. However, the boy used a pen to reproduce emotions as they were – without limits and restrictions.

“He completely shut out the world when he painted. The only thing he did not allow us was to put some music on. I guess, he had his own music in his head,” Zabolotna said.

To share this music with art lovers, Oleh’s parents arranged exhibitions of his works in Ukraine, and in Sweden. In 2009, he was recognized as one of the best painters among the disabled in Kyiv.

“We gathered in our organization today to remind many, including government bodies, that there is such a day, there are problems of people with disabilities. But these problems are often solved by people with disabilities themselves. They just need a little help,” Oleksandr Rodin said.

The public organization, called “Alisa,” provides disabled people with permanent physical development on a daily basis.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated around the world on Dec 3. The Ukrainian government held a number of events around the country to show its commitment to helping transform the lives of those with disabilities.

Source UATV
date 04.12.2018
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