National Guard Competes in Marksmanship Championship

The soldiers compete in a number of drills that would help them in combat situations

Ukrainian soldiers are aiming for the top-spot in a marksmanship championship held by the National Guard. Seventeen groups entered the competition.

Officers are tasked with demonstrating their skills in team tactical exercises. Snipers must destroy their enemy in a matter of minutes – as, in real combat, this could save lives and prevent further acts of aggression. Afterward, they’ve got to exit a 3-story building and move on to the second stage of the competition.

“In the second stage, one of the group members must get to a firing position and hit a number of targets at the distance of up to 500 meters away with a Kalashnikov machine gun. After this, the personnel get into the Varta armored vehicle,” Colonel Kostiantyn Kornitskiy said.

The next stage is a smokescreen designed to mask the movement of soldiers.

“The most difficult barrier was, probably, the smoke screen. Because you run and can’t see anything, the smoke is everywhere. You have to try to feel your way forward,” a soldier named Maksym said.

Getting through this course is tough work, the servicemen say. What makes it more difficult is the 25 kilograms of military gear each officer has to carry.

“Basically, all of these exercises represent life-like scenarios. They are designed in a way which allows us to asses the staff’s individual skills,” Kornitskiy said.


Source UATV
date 11.04.2019
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