National Guard & Police Joint Training Exercises Near Lviv

In Ukraine's Lviv region, police officers and members of the National Guard have held joint training exercises. The units were tasked with terminating a terrorist group, which seized the town council building in the so-called "gray zone"



During a shootout, a police car hit an explosive device. The wounded were given first aid.

Meanwhile, snipers from the National Guard targeted some of the terrorists.

“We’re going out a little faster to establish out positions, so that we would be able to cover our people, who are going to carry out the liquidation, on all sides. We liquidate those whom they don’t see. Opponents who can be in the windows or on the roofs,” National Guard serviceman said.

The last stage of the training includes storming the town council building and freeing the hostages.

“When the Rapid Operational Response Unit was returning, the National Guard special unit covered them with the help of fire and smoke. Because the approach and withdrawal must always be masked with smoke,” Commander of the police special task battalion in the Lviv region Yuriy Vasylyshyn said.

The scenario of the drills was based on real-life experience. Ukrainian serviceman with callsign “Tommy” took part in numerous similar operations in the war zone in eastern Ukraine.

“A special police unit works around the town — it detains armed criminals who are hiding, or during a car chase, and directly in the building when there are hostages. Here, everyone worked with live bullets, which is very close to reality,” National Guard serviceman, callsign “Tommy” said.

According to commanders, the exercise was successful, and the Lviv police and National Guard are ready to work in the war zone.

Source UATV
date 16.11.2019
categories News releases, Ukraine
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