NATO Provides Modern Medical Equipment for Ukrainian Warriors

To ensure more effective rehabilitation of Ukraine's wounded warriors - NATO provided equipment to a military hospital in Irpin just outside of Kyiv. It includes exercise equipment and a minivan specially modified to transport wheelchair users


Vitaliy from Mykolayiv has only been in the Ukrainian army for a few months. He broke his leg during military exercises and is now undergoing rehabilitation using brand new medical equipment provided by NATO.

“Of course, it’s good. The servicemen need rehabilitation and this equipment will help them recover after injuries. It’s great that this hospital has such medical equipment,” he said.

When Russia’s undeclared war in Donbas began, Ukrainian medics had to treat injured soldiers with basic equipment. Now, the head of the Irpin Military hospital, Andriy Kykh, says doctors will be able to speed up the rehabilitation of Ukrainian defenders.

“This equipment is for recovery of movement in limbs, as well as for rehabilitation after head injuries and strokes,” Kykh said.

As part of Ukraine-NATO cooperation, the American-led military alliance assists in the training of Ukrainian military and provides humanitarian aid to wounded soldiers.

Over 2,000 Ukrainian medics have already completed NATO training on the rehabilitation of injured soldiers. The alliance is currently working to implement new training programs.

Source UATV
date 22.05.2019
categories Ukraine - NATO
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