Navy, Marines Hold Exercises in Black Sea

The Ukrainian Navy held exercises with a British naval vessel while Ukrainian Marines staged vessel seizure exercises


Photo Facebook/Armed Forces of Ukraine Headquarters


The Ukrainian Armed Forces missile boat “Pryluky” together with the Royal Navy HM Naval Base Devonport’s HMS “Echo” conducted a series of passing exercises in the Black Sea, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Facebook.

Photo Facebook/Armed Forces of Ukraine Headquarters


Ships completed tactical maneuvering tasks, air defense exercises, and also conducted exercises in accordance with NATO standards. The helicopter of the naval aviation brigade has also been involved in the trainings.

“The naval multi-role helicopter Mi-14 performed tasks to highlight the surface situation in the training area. Also, together with the ships, worked on search and rescue operation actions and further evacuation of those affected,” the report says.

The boarding parties of the 73rd Naval Special Purpose Center have reported the successful completion of naval vessel seizure exercises conducted as a part of the VBSS exercises (visit, board, search and seizure).

Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


During the capture of a vessel, the squads boarded the vessel by air from various altitudes and by water on high-speed boats.

A simulated enemy was arrested and destroyed in close quarters combat (CQB) in the holds and on the deck.

The emblem of the 73rd Naval Special Purpose Center is a seahorse. “A seahorse with a sword is a resident of the depths of the sea that firmly holds with its tail a sword from the opposite side to you, which symbolizes that it is not aggressive, but is ready to defend itself from attackers. The seahorse is a master of mimicry, that is, it is a beast that can remain unnoticed in the depths of the sea, which is very important to an intelligence officer.”

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