New ‘Green’ Factory to Open Near Kyiv

The factory will be self-sufficient and will produce solar blinds


Photo SolarGaps

A new “green” factory planned to open near Kyiv would generate energy, have zero emissions, and produce solar blinds for windows.

The Ukrainian company, SolarGaps, which developed the solar blinds, also plans to produce components for other renewable energy projects and to use its factory as a testing grounds for other innovations.

The SolarGaps factory, which is to be located in the village of Romankiv, said it will install solar panels and wind turbines that will fully provide it with its necessary electricity, the Ukrainian government portal states.

The startup plans to have a presentation at the World Exhibition EXPO-2020 in Dubai. Its solar blinds will be sold both in Ukraine and abroad.

Source UATV
date 27.07.2019
categories Technologies
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