New Language Law Came Into Force

According to the law, all government officials must communicate in the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian TV channels are required to broadcast 90 percent of their content in Ukrainian. People may still speak whatever they like to each other privately and in religious ceremonies.

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Today, (July 16) Ukraine’s new language law requiring that government officials communicate in Ukrainian and that made have most of their content in Ukrainian came into force.

The law applies to people working in all areas of government – including teachers, judges, police, civil servants, doctors, all the way up to the president and prime minister.

The law also requires that the Ukrainian language be used for television and radio broadcasting, print media, consumer services, and other sectors. In five years, TV channels in Ukraine must have 90 percent of their content be in Ukrainian.

Those who intend to obtain Ukrainian citizenship will also need to pass a state language proficiency test.

The law provides free Ukrainian language courses for adults.

The law won’t apply to private communication or to the implementation of religious rites.

On April 25, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state.” 278 deputies voted for its approval. It comes into force two months after its publication in the official parliamentary newspaper ‘Holos Ukrayiny,’ Ukrinform reported.

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date 16.07.2019
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