China Unveils Full-Size Model of New Space Station

The Tiangong Space Station is expected to be finished in 2022


Photo from AP

At an airshow in China, the country just unveiled a full-scale model of its planned space station.

At the moment, there’s just one space station in orbit, the International Space Station, which was built in 1998. But in 2022, China plans to finish building its Tiangong Space Station – meaning “Heavenly Palace.” While Tiangong, will be owned by China, it plans to welcome researchers from other countries to take advantage of the space station as well, although they might not have a lot of room to do it.

The Tiangong is quite small.

It will have a length of 17 meters and weigh 54 tons and is meant to accommodate up to three astronauts, Science Alert wrote.

The new station will also be equipped with two additional modules, where the most modern experiments will be carried out and solar panels will be installed.

From the Tiangong, astronauts will be able to conduct cutting-edge scientific research in the fields of biology and microgravity, the Associated Press reported.


Source Science Alert
date 07.11.2018
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