New National Guard Members Take Oath

The Ukrainian National Guard has some new additions! 200 to be exact. The new service personnel recently took their oath near the Ukrainian Parliament. The personnel will be a part of the 1st Presidential operational brigade and the 27th public order brigade



Two hundred new officers have been sworn into the Ukrainian National Guard.

Some of them are contract officers, others are conscripts. All of them have already undergone training.

“We had shooting exercises, marching drills, and psychological training. Joining the army, being away from home is morally hard. We get a lot of help and we’re taught to work in a team,” National Guard officer Dmytro Yehorov said.


Dmytro is 22. He studied abroad, and after returning home, he decided to join the military.

“I followed my heart and joined the army. It’s everyone’s duty to go through this. Not only duty to the country but to ourselves. I’m still thinking about contract service,” Dmytro added.

“Most service people were recruited because they wanted to, not because the law says so. I would like to thank those parents who entrusted their children to the service in the Ukrainian National Guard,” Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Mykola Balan said.


Afterward, the orchestra and the guard of honor demonstrated their skills.

The period from October to December is the traditional time for recruiting service personnel. This year, 1,500 officers have joined the National Guard across Ukraine.

“They will have different specialties – according to their health, skills, and education. No conscripts are sent to the territory of the Joint Forces Operation, only contract officers. As an exception, having undergone all the training courses, a fighter can write a request and go serve in Donbas,” Balan said.

Now, newly-recruited officers will head to their duty stations in the Kyiv garrison and the training center in the Lviv region.

Source UATV
date 01.12.2019
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