New Season for Cinephiles Club

A cinema club - launched by Ukraine's public broadcaster - has started it's new season with the pre-premiere of the Italian crime drama "Piranha". At the Berlin Film Festival this year, it won the Silver Bear for the best screenplay


Ukrainian cinephiles are getting a chance to learn more about films through Cinema Club.

Organizers say they carefully select the content and invite experts to discuss the cinematography.

“We strive to organize cultural events which can unite our audience and those who treat culture as a topic of discussion. We show films. They are non-mainstream and, to tell you the truth, some of them are not even new. But our goal is not to just show a movie, but to engage in a discussion about it,” film critic Lukian Halkin said.

“Piranhas,” directed by Italian Claudio Giovannesi, who won the “Best Screenplay” prize at the Berlin Film Festival was the first movie screened this season. This film is about teenagers from a province who get mixed up in organized crime.

The screening started with a round of applause in support of Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov who is being held in a Russian prison as well as other political prisoners. In total, over 10 movie showings are planned to be held at various venues in Kyiv.

date 12.05.2019
categories Culture, News releases
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