New Series on ATO Shown in Kyiv

A pre-premiere screening of a series about the war in eastern Ukraine has taken place in Kyiv. The show is based on real stories of Ukrainian soldiers. During the filming, equipment of the National Guard was used



A new series about the war in eastern Ukraine, called “ATO Fables” has been presented in Kyiv. It’s based on a collection of stories, written by Volodymyr Bulba. He became one of the scriptwriters for the show.

“I traveled through eastern Ukraine and met our soldiers and volunteers. There were a lot of stories about their adventures. I wanted to describe all these stories in a book,” Bulba says.

The pilot episode was filmed in a children’s camp outside Kyiv. It features soldiers and the equipment used for the set belongs to the Ukrainian National Guard.

“Our artists did a great job on transforming a children’s camp into a military base, they set up military tents, a boom barrier. The extras, soldiers – these were real service personnel and it was real equipment. We filmed the explosions with the help of pyrotechnic units,” Denys Tarasov, director, script co-author, said.

The first to watch the series were a group of military personnel.

“We are a state defending our interests. But in addition to the heroic fighting in eastern Ukraine, we can also relax, enjoy our everyday life and everything we have. The applause at the end of the film says a lot about everything,” Viktor Tarasov said.

Ukraine’s Minstry of Information and Policy partly funded the series about life on the frontline.

“Television is one of the main channels of communication. In reality we don’t see a lot of stories about the war which is taking place now. There aren’t that many stories about the victories of the Ukrainain people not their struggles,” said Artem Bidenko.

The creators plan to make a TV series with tens of episodes and several seasons.

Source UATV
date 13.07.2019
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