New Shuttle in Stanitsa Luhanska

The humanitarian project provides free rides for people in need

For the anniversary of its liberation, a brand new shuttle started driving passengers in Stanitsa Luhanska. It takes people from the destroyed wooden bridge to the Ukrainian checkpoint through the grey zone. Seven-seater electric car’s charge has a range of 800 kilometers. It’s designed to offer rides to passengers the whole day without additional charging. The first passengers to get the ride are impressed.

The ride on the electric car is free of charge. The route includes only two stops — at an almost destroyed wooden bridge, and at the Ukrainian checkpoint. The first ones to board the bus are disabled, pensioners and pregnant women.

“We have a list, that was approved by the management of the Prolisok organization. This is, first of all, with the first stage of disabilities. Women who are showing signs of pregnancy, kids up to three years of age with one attendant. If all of these people are already on the bus, and we still have free seats, we can take other passengers,” car driver Roman said.

In one day the electro car can transport around 300 passengers. That makes up to 10 thousand over a month. The electro car was bought using money from international humanitarian projects. It is more maneuverable and mobile than the usual bus that runs the same route and is designed for 50 passengers.

“It has been purchased by the humanitarian mission of Prolisok organization with the financial assistance of the UN agency working with refugees. All of the rides are absolutely free of charge. This is a great alternative for all these people that offer to drive a person over the border in a wheelchair for 200 hryvnia,” Project’s coordinator Yevhen Kaplin said.

In about a month another electro car just like this one will start transporting passengers in Stanitsa Luhanska. Overall, three electro cars will drive people to the Ukrainian checkpoint in the nearest future. And starting August 19th, the repairing of the destroyed wooden bridge is scheduled to begin.

Source UATV
date 17.08.2019
categories News releases, Society
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