Stricter Rules in Rome

Picnics are no longer allowed near landmarks and there's no drinking alcohol in public late at night


Photo from AP

Vacationers in the Italian capital of Rome can no longer picnic near landmarks or drink alcohol in public places late at night.

“Today is a historic day. After 72 years of waiting, the new rules of the city police were introduced in Rome,” Mayor Virginia Raggi said.

Rome police have the power to hand out fines and ban people from public areas.

From now on, it’s forbidden to picnic or eat near landmarks in the city center. Bathing in fountains is banned. Drinking alcohol from glass bottles after 10 p.m. is prohibited. At midnight, drinking alcohol from any container is forbidden in public. Furthermore, selling alcohol after 2 a.m. – even in bars and nightclubs – is forbidden by the new law. Violating the law comes with a €150 penalty for individuals and €280 for institutions.

Authorities have also prohibited people from dressing up like Roman commanders. Dressing up could incur a fine of €400.

Source The Local
date 19.11.2018
categories Tourism
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