New Ukrainian Film ‘Homeward’ Submitted for Golden Globe

A new Ukrainian drama film, titled "Homeward" tells the story of a Crimean Tatar family experiencing life under Russian occupation firsthand. The film has already been submitted for the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards


A new Ukrainian film, “Homeward,” by director Nariman Aliev has already been shown in 30 countries and has been submitted for the Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

“Homeward” was selected as the Best Foreign Film at the Turkish Bosphorus Film Festival and won the main prize at the Odesa International Film Festival.

“Three years have passed since we started working on the film. During all this time, we’ve been doing everything for the Ukrainian audience to be able to see our movie,” Aliev said.

The film tells the story of a Crimean Tatar family. The main character, Mustafa, needs to transport the body of his son, who died in the war in Donbas. He takes him to occupied Crimea, to bury him in his native land.

“It was a huge dilemma for me — how to tell the story of a Crimean Tatar family without the opportunity to film in Crimea. But my friend, Azerbaijani director Navruz Khikmet, gave me one idea for the script. How someone’s relative dies and they’re going to distant lands. From this concept, the idea of the movie ‘Homeward’ originated. I understood that I would have a chance to tell the story of a Crimean Tatar family. To show the political and social context that exists here today,” Aliev said.

In the movie, Mustafa is accompanied by his younger son. Together, they face various difficulties. For example, transporting the body across the administrative border controlled by occupiers.

Aliev manages to cover the topic of the father-son relationship, and also show the problems faced by residents in annexed territories.



“I haven’t been to Crimea for 5 years. I see my children, who live there, once every 6 months at best. And I only saw my parents 4 times over the past 6 years. That is why I can understand the role I played very well,” actor and film director Akhtem Seitablaiev said.

The movie has already been submitted as Ukraine’s entry for the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards.

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date 08.11.2019
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