‘How So?’: New Ukrainian Toy That Makes You Wonder

Ukrainian Serhiy Pyankov has created a toy for both children and adults. He says it helps develop the imagination - and relieves stress


“We want children, regardless of their age, to be able to surprise their peers, because this thing it is really magical.”

Children of all ages and adults alike love this coin trick. Serhiy says he will never reveal its secret. He wants to give every child a chance to believe in magic. Serhiy says he often learns new tricks from kids.

“One little girl said, ‘look what I came up with!’ She just took it, turned it over, she was 5 or 6, and put it over her head. Children’s imaginations are so vast, they just need a push to develop it,” said Serhiy Pyankov, toy company co-owner.

Serhiy came up with the idea of this unique Ukrainian souvenir while traveling. His wife Oksana says that plastic toys can be bought all over the world, but it’s hard to find toys made from eco-friendly materials. As a result, they created a toy called ‘Yak Tak?’ which means ‘How So?’ in Ukrainian. This is the question most often asked by those who see the coin trick for the first time. At first, all the toys were decorated with Ukrainian national symbols. Now, there are versions for 7 countries.

“Often, Ukrainians who go abroad to visit someone, buy a pair: a Ukrainian version and, if they go to Italy for example, an Italian one, as a gift. Often, they buy them as a souvenir from a country they visited,” said Oksana Pyankova, Serhiy’s wife.

With a special app, users can watch a video about the country shown on the toy.

“For example, we can show what a wonderful country Ukraine is: it’s interesting, it has potential for investors and for tourism, Serhiy said.

The music for the videos is written by music student Ernst Morozov. Every country has its own melody.

Source UATV
date 06.10.2019
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