New Weapons for National Police

Soviet-style automatic rifles used by the National Police will be replaced with new weapons. These are MP5 submachine guns, which have already been adopted by 40 countries and meet European standards


These National Police officers are testing their [shooting] skills — with MP5 submachine guns, which later will replace Kalashnikov assault rifles.

“Kalashnikov rifle is necessary for a soldier in the army. It is designed to destroy the enemy. A policeman, in turn, must stop an offender and, at the same time, spare his life and bring him to justice. Therefore, we bought modern European weapons — MP5 submachine guns, which will be given to all police units,” Head of Ukraine’s National Police Serhiy Knizev said.

MP5 submachine guns will first be given to the officers, serving in the airports and railway stations. According to the Head of Ukraine’s National Police, Serhiy Knyazev, these guns were specifically designed for defense purposes and have already been adopted by another 40 countries.

“Its main advantage over the Soviet-style automatic weapons is, first of all, less striking power. It means that an MP5 gun has less penetration and bouncing capabilities. Its bullets could reach from 300 to 400 meters unlike an AK-47, which could reach up to one kilometer and a half,” Major Movchan said.

These characteristics make it possible to use MP5 submachine guns by police officers. While AK-47 or Kalashnikov assault rifles are planned to be sent to the front line.

Source UATV
date 16.05.2019
categories News releases, Ukraine
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