The first film shot by Netflix in Ukraine will soon be available for viewing, – Tkachenko



“The Last Mercenary” is the first Netflix film shot in Ukraine, which will soon be available to see. Most of the filming took place in Kyiv.

This was announced by Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko in Telegram, UATV informs.

Among the main actors of the film are Jean-Claude Van Damme and Alban Ivanov. The international film company Apple Tree and Ukrainian Star Media were involved in production process as well.

“This film is the first one that claims to be reimbursed for cash-profit in Ukraine. The next, I hope, will be the film project “Infinity” by CANAL+. I believe that in this and in coming years the number of foreign film producers who will shoot films in Ukraine and receive cashbacks will only increase”, – the minister speculated.

Besides, I was announced that the movie “Ukraine Behind the Scenes” will take part in Agora Docs.

It was also reported that the short film “The Tiger is Strolling Around” was selected for the Tokyo Film Festival competition.

date 08.06.2021
categories Culture

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