The movie “Ukraine behind the scenes” will take part in Agora Docs


Photo: the State Film Agency of Ukraine

Vladyslav Vasylchenko‘s film “Ukraine Behind the Scenes”, created with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography, has been chosen to participate in the Agora Docs film market of the 23rd Documentary Film Festival in Thessaloniki.

UATV reports this referring to the State Film Agency of Ukraine.

Agora Docs is the most important film market for the countries of South-Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. “Ukraine Behind the Scenes” will be presented in the Agora Docs In Progress section, for which 10 films were selected at the stage of production completion.

“Ukraine Behind the Scenes” is a documentary film consisting of short stories united by the theme of so-called ghost towns and their inhabitants. The “remnants” embody the fantastic life force of Ukrainians who can dream of a better future even in the midst of complete ruin. They are ready to embody with self-irony and a smile on their faces.

The film project became one of the winners of the 12th State Cinema Competition. The film was produced by Oleksandra Kostina and Lukyan Halkin, who wrote the screenplay. Production – Bosonfilm company.

The short film “The Tiger is Strolling Around” was selected for the competition at the Tokyo Film Festival.


date 03.06.2021
categories Culture

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