Spaceport and 7 satellites: plans of Ukraine for space exploration were announced



Build the own spaceport and launch 7 Ukrainian satellites into orbit. Such plans for the next 5 years were announced by the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Volodymyr Taftay, UATV informs.

According to him, the first Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 will be launched in December 2021 from the SpaceX launch pad. It is already undergoing testing and is expected to be ready by October.

“They will be focused on remote sensing of the Earth for purposes such as defense, security, economic security, the use of natural resources, prevention or early detection of disasters – that is, fires, floods, etc.”

Taftay is also confident that within 5 years Ukraine can join the European Space Agency.

In general, the implementation of the space program requires $ 535 000 000.

date 11.05.2021
categories Technologies

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