Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova founded the “Associated Trio”


Photo: Twitter

The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova – Dmytro Kuleba, David Zalkaliani and Aureliu Chocoy signed a trilateral memorandum on the start of the enhanced cooperation on European integration “Associated Trio”.

UATV informs this with reference to Twitter.

“From now on, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have officially become the Associated Trio. We unite efforts on the way of European integration in a new trilateral format, founded today in Kyiv,” – the minister wrote.

According to him, it goes about cooperation between 3 countries on issues of European integration.

“This is a new initiative, which is very timely which will help our countries move forward together more effectively along the path of European integration,” – Kuleba said after signing the memorandum.  

He noted that Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have a special status of associated partners in relations with the EU.

According to Kuleba, the Associated Trio includes 3 main elements: structuring consultations on European integration between the three ministries of foreign affairs, joint involvement in dialogue with European institutions, and coordination of positions within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine cannot feel like a guest in the EU and NATO.

date 17.05.2021
categories Ukraine and the EU

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