In Poland, workers from Ukraine will be vaccinated against COVID-19



Ukrainians who go to Poland to work will be vaccinated against coronavirus. Immunization points will function right at the border. This was stated by head of the medical center and the organizer of vaccinations in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Stanislav Mazur, UATV reports.

Ukrainians will be offered a vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, since it requires only one jab. Vaccinations at border crossings will begin as soon as the required amount of vaccines arrives.

“This will be a kind of filter that will protect the country from the coronavirus from the outside. We detect several infected people every day at our checkpoints near the border with Ukraine. People who come to work in Poland should be vaccinated”, – Stanislav Mazur said.

As of May 19, 994 872 people have already been vaccinated against coronavirus in Ukraine.

date 19.05.2021
categories Ukrainians in the world

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