NGO: Over 9,500 People Expelled From Occupied Crimea by Russia

The NGO Regional Center for Human Rights says Russia has expelled over 9,500 people from occupied Crimea


Photo Ukrinform – UATV
The Russian government is pursuing intentional policy of colonization of occupied Crimea. Russia is using the forced eviction of undesirable people from the peninsula.

The experts of the NGO “Regional Center for Human Rights” (RCHR) made the statement at PACE, a Ukrinform correspondent reports from Strasbourg.

According to the RCHR report “Crimea Beyond the Rules. Forced Eviction of Civilian Population of the Occupied Territory by Russia”, the so-called local “courts” ruled to evict 9,538 people from occupied Crimea since the occupation began in 2014.

“At the beginning of the occupation, the most mass scale way was the ‘displacement’ of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars disloyal to the occupation authorities from the territory of the peninsula to the territory of mainland Ukraine,” said Roman Martynovsky, the representative of RCHR.

According to the human rights activists, the Russian occupation authorities have continued to deport  citizens of Ukraine who were accused of “violating” the migration rules.

Citizens from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries have also been subjected to forced deportation as well.

At the same time, as the RCHR says, Russia continues its colonization of occupied Crimea by resettling people from across Russia to the peninsula.

The human rights activists continue to call on the Council of Europe, PACE, other international organizations and national governments to toughen the sanctions against Russia over the violation of human rights in Crimea and the continued occupation of the peninsula.

Source Ukrinform
date 23.01.2019
categories Crimea
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