Nord Stream 2 Will Fail – Rick Perry

Even if constructed, the projected is not commercially viable, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said



United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry criticized the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on a visit to the Trypilska Power Plant Coal Storage Facility, not far from Kyiv, the U.S. press service wrote.

He said that the possibility that Nord Stream II’s construction could still be blocked “certainly exists,” saying that there are very few countries in the European Union that support Nord Stream II’s construction.

“We are strongly against it,” Perry said.”We also understand that regardless of whether the Russians decide to complete its commercial use, it will fail — it will be a failure because the project is not commercially viable — and they can still launch it, but we will do everything we can to give European Union members more opportunities. This concerns not only the sale of liquefied natural gas by the United States to Europe.”

Perry said that the U.S. supports the Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline, which will bring Caspian gas to southern Europe.

“It is very important that the member countries of the European Union understand that Russia has a history of shutting down gas supplies and that these alternative sources of supply are important for the future development of Europe. Of course, Ukraine understands this, like any other,” he said.

Source UATV
date 11.11.2018
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