Nordic Night in Kyiv

Embassies of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland organized an event devoted to Nordic culture and lifestyle

Five embassies – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland – organized Nordic Night in Kyiv. A lot of time was devoted to Nordic culture and lifestyle. Among other topics, there were lectures on design, travel and mythology. Diplomats also organized workshops and taught guests how to cook traditional Nordic dishes.

Conscious lifestyle, design and ecology are among the many topics discussed during the Nordic night. At the same time, it is possible to exchange clothes here, buy books and play games with friends.

Even though we are in one of Kyiv museums, for this night it feels like we are somewhere in one of five Nordic countries. Kyiv’s History museum turned into a Scandinavian house for one night,” UATV correspondent Anna Romanovska said.

Instead of museum exhibits – there were cozy sofas and chairs, used to create the feeling of contentment Danes and Norwegians call hygge.

“This is the first time I am attending such an event. I haven’t been to all Nordic countries, but I visited Denmark not that long ago. That’s why I’m here. I decided to find out a bit more about these countries. My friend is an artist and she’s simply in love with Norway and Nordic countries in general,” Nordic Night guest Anna Demyanova said.

“I’m fond of Norwegian mythology and culture. Also, I’ve recently started to learn Norwegian. I visited this country last August. And now I’m interested in everything about Norway – it’s culture and lifestyle,” Nordic Night guest Yulianna Chyzhyk said.

Nordic Night guests had a chance to admire the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia through Virtual Reality glasses. Nature’s preservation and improvement of people’s quality of life, as well as the development of technology, are priorities in Nordic countries. It is also called sustainable development. The Norwegian embassy was trying for a few years to get an expert on this topic, Birgit Liodden, to Ukraine. And finally, Birgit is in Kyiv – at a cost of her Easter vacation.

“The topic for my speech is about sustainable development. It’s really something that I live for, and burn for. And I have a strong belief that we can change so much more together, when we work across cities, across countries and culture,” Director of Sustainability, Ocean Industries & Communication in Oslo Business Region, Birgit Liodden, said.

“The meeting room here was packed with people. And even more, with this theme – sustainability and happiness. So I think the reason why people come to these Nordic nights, is because they are genuinely interested in this. While parents were attending lectures, the kids were occupied with floorball. This is not the first time eight-year-old Yehor is playing it,” Counselor of the Norway Embassy in Kyiv Frederic Arthur said.

There were traditional treats on the Nordic Night as well. Diplomats showed how to cook Danish sandwiches – smørrebrød – and Swedish desserts. The Norwegian ambassador cooked Norwegian waffles for all guests.

By the end of the night, all the guests had a chance to taste Nordic craft beer and cocktails.

Source UATV
date 15.04.2019
categories Culture, News releases
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