“DOM” TV is a chance for residents of the occupied territories to hear the voice of Kyiv, – Matsuka


Photo: “Dom” TV Channel

“DOM ” TV channel, which broadcasts in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas, is a chance for about 4 million people to hear Kyiv and the position of the Ukrainian authorities on events in Ukraine and around the world.

Oleksiy Matsuka, the editor-in-chief of public and political broadcasting of the State Enterprise “Multimedia Platform of Foreign Broadcasting of Ukraine”, spoke about this on March 9 during the forum “Ukraine 30. Culture. Media. Tourism “, informs “DOM” TV.

“A year has passed since the broadcast of Dom TV channel started. Since March 1, it has significantly expanded its coverage to the temporarily occupied territory, and you can see the reaction from the federal media of the Russian Federation to us. This is understandable, because today the “DOM” TV is available in the uncontrolled territory in Russian. There is a chance for everyone to hear Kyiv and our interpretations from here”, he said.

Also, Oleksiy Matsuka added that the inhabitants of the occupied territories have the right to receive “objective and journalistic information about all tendencies, movements, opinions that exist in our pluralistic society, which we protect and which is the basis of our Ukrainian democracy.”

In addition, Ukraine resumed broadcasting in Russian around the world under the UATV brand, thanks to which 277 million Russian-speaking people will be able to receive not fake information paid for by the Kremlin, but objective data, covered by all journalistic standards.

Today, the “Dom” TV channel is not just one YouTube channel. These are several platforms that are available on YouTube. This is satellite and analog broadcasting. I invite everyone who is interested to our sites, to our pages on social networks, to make sure to understand where the line between political manipulation both by the pro-Russian forces and by the opposition to the current government sometimes discredits what Ukraine is doing to reintegrate and return the sympathy of our citizens and trust in our government, “Matsuka added.

Earlier it was reported that Milena Amedi’s author’s blog can now be watched on a separate YouTube channel of the state TV channel “Dom”.

date 09.03.2021
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