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The “DOM” TV channel launches a new series of programs “A view from Bankova”.

Its main participants are stakeholders, connected with the Office of the President of Ukraine. Iuliia Mendel, President’s press secretary, became a pioneer, having agreed to answer the questions concerning the topics, relevant for our audience, and our viewers residing at the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. She answers the questions as the president’s spokesperson, and explains the official position concerning the aforementioned issues.

The following episodes of the program “A view from Bankova” are planned to involve other stakeholders and official speakers as the invited guests and experts.

On March 15 the pilot episode of “A view from Bankova with Iuliia Mendel” program has been aired at the “DOM” TV channel’s Facebook page and YouTube channel

In order to avoid any misinterpretation of the participation of Iuliia Mendel, or any guest or expert invited, in any of the TV channel’s projects, we inform that the aim of the pilot episode aired in social networks on March 15, was to attract the attention of the audience, as well as receive a feedback via the telephone number, shown on the screen.

The first episode of the “A view from Bankova with Iuliia Mendel” project to be broadcast on the air of “DOM” TV channel on Sunday, March 21 at 20:05 EET (UTC +2). One can also follow the live stream at the TV channel’s web site.

We took into consideration the opinions of the audience, and we regret that we could mislead some of our subscribers, concerning Ms. Mendel’s participation in the project as the TV-host of the channel. 

We apologize for the fact that we haven’t clarified this issue earlier. We have taken into account the criticism, and emphasize that all the experts and speakers invited are limited by hosts’ and journalists’ questions. The editorial board reiterates that all our activities are based on the principles of the Ukrainian Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

date 18.03.2021
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