Series of Reports ‘Defenders’ Showing on UATV


When Russia annexed Crimea and launched an offensive in the Donbas, they were the ones to stand up in defense of peace in Ukraine.

“The options are limited: we either defend or we capitulate,” a soldier says.

Thousands of men and women. Professional military personnel. Mobilized reservists and volunteer soldiers.

“I remembered that I was a cameraman who was used to holding a camera on my shoulder. So they enlisted me like a grenade launcher,” a man says.

While the Kremlin-controlled media depicted them as ‘fascists’, regular Russian army units attacked them without declaring war.

“The first time we came under shelling they fired Grad missiles at us from Russia. We were 6 km from the state border,” a soldier says.

Soldiers with different life stories but with a single goal — to defend Ukraine’s freedom.

“Defenders”—a series of reports in UATV news starting October 14.

Source UATV
date 14.10.2019
categories TV channel news

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