Are you FB friends with Ivan Mazepa?

Have you ever wondered what the social network profiles of Ivan Mazepa and Symon Petliura would look like? A unique exhibition opened in Kharkiv adapted historical documents and photos to modernity. It was a way for visitors to learn Ukrainian history from a new perspective.


School children and university students learning about the lives of historic Ukrainians had information presented to them in a unique way.

“We talk about the lives of Ivan Mazepa, Symon Petliura, and Stepan Bandera by showing their lives as if they had social networks,” Maria Takhtaulova, an employee of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance said.

A home-schooled student in the 11th grade, Daria Kolesnyk, said that learning history in school was boring because students have to write down things and memorize. But if it were gamified, for example – if historical figures were presented as having social network pages – it would be more interesting.

“Social networks are very popular among teenagers and youth of Kharkiv,” Kolesnyk said.

Ihor Tsyhanenko is a participant of the ongoing war for the independence of Ukraine. He took part in the liberation of Slovyansk, and was in the first wave of mobilization serving in the national guard. He said that he understood the true value of freedom and the necessity of the fight for independence only after fighting in the war. He came to the exhibition to learn more about Ukraine’s national heroes.

“This is an exhibition that demonstrates who Bandera and Petliura really were, instead of all this propaganda we hear. It shows real stories that are a part of our independence,” Tsyhanenko said.

The exhibition will be in Kharkiv until the end of the month. After that, it will visit other Ukrainian cities.

Source UATV
date 13.10.2019
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