Kyiv’s First Pumpkin Fest Delights

Visitors to Kyiv’s “Harbuz Fest" were all smiles as they participated in free workshops, and tried tasty foods made from local pumpkins

The pumpkins at Kyiv’s Pumpkin Fest – or “Harbuz Fest” – differed in color, size, and shape – but everyone wanted to touch them.

The “Pumpkin Fest,” though to be Kyiv’s first, is taking place at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine.

“Pumpkins, fresh air, entertainment for kids, and this museum…” a father said with a smile, talking about what he enjoyed about the Pumpkin Fest as he held his young daughter in his arms.

At a workshop, children and adults used pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds to decorate wooden picture frames.

Sofiia, a young girl there with a pink Minnie Mouse hat, said with a smile that she was making one for her teacher at school.

Farmers say that it’s not an easy task to grow pumpkins. However, Ukrainian pumpkins are in high demand on the European market.

“They are interested in our products abroad because we have the largest territories where we grow environmentally friendly products,” farmer Yuriy Yarosh said.

Healthy and eco-friendly products were sold at the festival. Also, for those with sweet tooths, candied pumpkin with various fruit were on display. If you were hungry, you could try various traditional Ukrainian dishes.

You can try interesting products, take pictures with pumpkins, and join in workshops until the end of the week.

Source UATV
date 13.10.2019
categories News releases, Tourism
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