Military Reenactment Festival in Vinnytsia

Reenactors from all over Ukraine gathered at the annual festival of military reenactment in the city of Vinnytsia. It is held on the site of the former Third Reich headquarters "Werwolf", where a memorial complex had been erected in recollection of the victims of fascism. This year the festival is dedicated to the events of May 1945 that took place in the German city of Wismar


In Vinnytsia region of Ukraine, military reenactors staged the events of May 2nd, 1945 – a bloody battle before Nazi Germany’s official capitulation., are being reenacted.

“This time I am reenacting an American paratrooper. A fox soldier during World War II and a part of the 101st airborne division,” reenactor Vladyslav Solohor said.

Thousands of German soldiers, as well as Soviets and their allies, were killed in the port city of Wismar. Tent with the flags and symbols of the French resistance, the Polish and Soviet armies were near.

A total of 200 enthusiastic impersonators participated in the historical reenactment, which was rehearsed for several days.

In total the battle lasted five days. But the reenactors chose to only showcase one of the episodes of the assault. For five years now, these historical battles are reenacted here. Organizers believe that people living in the peaceful part of Ukraine should see that war is horrendous.

The reenacted battle was enjoyed by hundreds of spectators. One Kyiv resident, who was among the crowd was particularly enthusiastic. He stated that after the experience he himself would like to become a reenactor.

“Here I am learning way more than from the internet. People meet here who know the details. All the tactics from the cards are completely remodeled. People understand which historical facts are true and which are not,” Eduard Dotsenko said.

The organizers of the military-historical festival will organize another reenactment event next year. They hope that soon Ukrainians will experience war only at festivals such as theirs.

Source UATV
date 11.09.2019
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