National Museum of Folk Architecture & Life of Ukraine Marks 50 Years

"Territory of Tradition" is an exhibition celebrating 50 years of The National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. Since 1969 it has attracted Ukrainians and foreign seeking to learn about local history and traditions.


The Pyrohiv National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

For this occasion, an exhibition retracing the museum’s history was launched in Kyiv. Representatives of the museum as well as artists and guests gathered at the State Library of Ukraine for Youth where the event took place.

“This exhibition is timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. It’s called ‘Territory of Tradition’ and this is a very symbolic name because for 50 years already the museum in Pyrohiv has been a space for tradition that was revived and is alive—a place of force that one can visit and feel immersed in the old times and the extremely vivid and deep Ukrainian traditions,” Pyrohiv Senior Researcher Nina Hlavadska said.

The open-air museum of Pirohiv is a must-see location in Ukraine. The 1.5 square-kilometer outdoor complex, shows the architecture and the way of life in all regions of Ukraine from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Among pictures taken in the museum at different times and occasions, the exhibition shows some of the 40,000 items that people can admire in Pirohovo. Many of them are used for celebrating Ukrainian holidays and traditions.

“We’ve been making some reenactments of various holiday celebrations – Christmas, Easter, St. Andrew’s Day – when youth used to gather, we’ve done Maslianytsia… In these pictures, we see the celebrations that took place in our museum. A lot of quite famous people come here, they are artists, politicians — and they take interest in the Ukrainian culture,” head of Pyrohiv’s exhibition research department, Olena Hromova said.

To celebrate this 50th anniversary, other exhibitions about the museum are being held in different government buildings in Kyiv.

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