Ukrainian Athletes From Mariupol Set World Records at 10th European Athletics Championship

Athletes from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol have set a world record at the 10th European Athletics Championship in Germany. They won one gold and three silver medals.


Ukrainian athletes with hearing impairments won numerous medals at the European Athletics Championship in Bochum, Germany.

Natalia Ursulenko won two medals. Her coach, Nataliya Vasylenko, learned sign language to communicate with the team.

“All of the athletes on the Ukrainian team have been training for a long time. Some of them – for many years. Rymma Filimoshkina – for 13 years, Danylo Samorokov – for nine years and so on. This success was predetermined. It didn’t happen by chance, it’s just the result of hard work,” Vasylenko said.

Danylo Samorokov set a world record in the hammer throw among junior athletes. It was nearly 62 meters.

“He did it on the first attempt. Very easily, he could have thrown even further,” Vasylenko said.

Samorokov, 18, said he wasn’t nervous or worried.

“The first international competition in nine years, and I did it!” Samorokov said.

Rymma Filimoshkina had the second-best result in the same discipline

“This is my fourth time at the European championship. I also participated at the World Championship three times. And I have won medals every time,” Filimoshkina said.

The athletes have a rigorous training regiment, many exercise twice a day. The team has two coaches.

In total, Ukrainian athletes won 21 medals at the championship – six gold, nine silver, and six bronze.

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date 03.08.2019
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