NYT Uses Map Where Crimea is Russian

The Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. urged the influential newspaper to fix the mistake and not to use visual content showing the Ukrainian border incorrectly

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV

The U.S. news outlet The New York Times published the map of Ukraine without the Crimean peninsula in the A Disgraced Ukrainian Oligarch’s Bizarre Ski Resort Plan article on Sunday (Nov. 3). 

Photo Facebook / Embassy of Ukraine in the USA / NYT


“The American issue once again used a map with a clear breach of the internationally recognized border of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. wrote on Facebook today (Nov. 7).

The embassy urged the outlet to fix the mistake and not to play into the hands of Russian propaganda. The Embassy also expressed expectations about the timely feedback of the journalists of NYT that is “intended to convey the truth to the American and international community. And the truth is that Crimea is Ukraine!”

This is not the first time the influential newspaper incorrectly designated the Crimean peninsula as Russia through its visual content, the embassy stated.


Source UATV
date 07.11.2019
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