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DARYA VERSHILENKO is a news anchor at UATV Russian. She’s educated as an economist and found herself in finance journalism by pure chance. That background led her to work on television. She is a Candidate in Masters of Sports of Ukraine in Trampolining and adores extreme sports and adventures. She also gets adrenaline by going on-air and raising two kids
Zinedin Khalise
Khalise Zinedin is a news anchor at UATV Crimean Tatar. She is from Crimea, and she speaks five languages. She’s been working as a radio- and TV presenter since she was 13, and her friends fondly call her a ‘media-holic’. Her biggest passions are her beloved job and running
Antonina Antosha
ANTONINA ANTOSHA is a news anchor at UATV English. She’s been working in the TV industry for over 10 years. She is a Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) alumna of 2000, which she is very proud of. Being a part of this program, she lived and studied in the U.S. for a year. She has a Master's Degree in Teaching. She’s a devoted animal lover and finds inspiration in traveling
OLENA VOZNESENSKA is a news anchor at UATV Russian. She’s a theatre and movie actress, in addition to having a Candidate’s degree in Media Law. She’s been working as a presenter for 12 years. She practices yoga and loves swimming. She studies Oriental culture, is fascinated by esotericism and psychology
Oles Gardzhuk
OLES GARDZHUK is a news anchor at UATV English. He says that when he was younger he had no idea that life would lead him to journalism. He even attempted to quit media – back in 2013, for a year-long mission to Sofia, to work with Syrian refugee children... But his fate in journalism awaited him upon his return home. So here he is, presenting news at UATV, happy to have made the right choice
Tom Bell
TOM BELL is a news anchor at UATV English. He first discovered Ukraine in 2009 as a university student in Kyiv. During his spare time, he loves kayaking on the Dnipro River, sampling the city's coffee culture and occasionally cooking borscht (although it usually fails!) After three years of studying economics, he decided journalism would be more interesting
Alexander Quéry
Alex Query is a news anchor at UATV English. He is a true Parisian by soul, but Kyivian at heart. He came to the profession, following the footsteps of his parents. He’s always at the center of action. Among his hobbies are theater, architecture and learning foreign languages
Tamara Rozouvan
TAMARA ROZOUVAN is a news anchor at UATV English. Although Canada is her native country, Kyiv is the city where she always feels at home. Since she was little, she’s loved hearing people's stories. She started working in journalism, because this job gives her an opportunity to interview courageous and remarkable people from diverse backgrounds - everyone from ministers and military personnel to musicians and moviemakers. Delivering their stories to the broad audience and tackling today's big issues are what make this job extraordinary for her
Safwan Jolak
Safwan Jolak is from Syria, he is a news anchor at UATV Arab. Before he steps into studio to present the news, he’s often seen humming the anthem of Ukraine – the country that has become a second homeland to him. He is passionate about world history and prefers to spend his free hours behind the steer of the plane
MOHAMMED ZAOUI is a news anchor at UATV Arab. He was born in Algeria, and spent part of his life there, but found his future in Ukraine. Here is where he received his education, met his future wife and where his two children were born. That’s why Mohammed calls Ukraine his second home. He loves sports and sport-related news, and spends his free time playing football. What he loves about being a journalist is the feeling of keeping a finger on life’s pulse and being first to inform the audience about breaking news
YAMEN KHADDOUR is a news anchor at UATV Arab. He’s a teacher of the Arabic language, a romantic, and a journalist. He was born in Syria, where he received his education and became an Arabic teacher. Later, he fell in love with journalism and decided to pursue a media career in Ukraine. Yamen says that freedom is his religion and television is his path
IYAD ISTAITIYA is a news anchor at UATV Arab. He is an author and screenwriter of Palestinian origin. He came to Ukraine to complete his education and tried himself in various occupations ranging from engineer to musician. Finally he found his true calling in journalism – where one can deliver the truth to the audience
Yeugenij Agarkov
Yeugenij Agarkov is an anchor at UATV Russian. He’s a military correspondent and a TV and radio presenter. He used to be a prisoner of the Kremlin. Before joining UATV team, he made reports from the frontline in Eastern Ukraine. Also he’s created a number of documentaries about the foreigners who fight for the self-proclaimed “DPR/LPR”
Tymofii Lvutin
TYMOFII LVUTIN is a news anchor at UATV Russian. He’s been working in the TV industry since he was 16. He comes from a family of journalists, with both of his parents working in media. For a significant period of time he practiced martial arts and football. He is also a huge chess enthusiast. When the Russian aggression broke out in Eastern Ukraine, he decided to become a journalist and a presenter