Odesa Open-Air Opera Wows Audiences

An open-air opera performance for thousands of viewers has taken place in the Ukrainian city of Odesa. It was held in the framework of the Odesa International Film Festival. The event combined music, lights, and images, and was staged by Ukrainian director Vlad Troitsky


In 2015, the European Film Academy named the iconic Potemkin Stairs in the Ukrainian city of Odesa a “treasure of European film culture,” It’s a steep climb with almost 200 steps. And for the tenth year in a row, this is where an open-air concert takes place as part of the Odesa Film festival.

Some come two hours early to get good viewing spots.

The orchestra performance was accompanied by lights and graphic effects. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different music with performances centered around the stairs. They served as a symbol of striving for new opportunities. The show became more dramatic with every second.

“It should be beautiful and prompt questions – this is the main thing. A miracle happens. We always reach for miracles,” Director Vlad Troitsky said.

Troitsky spent a year preparing for the show.

Source UATV
date 21.07.2019
categories Culture, News releases
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