Odissey Max: Longest Tram in Ukraine to Open

The longest tram in Ukraine - the Odissey Max - is about to be launched in Odesa. The vehicle measures 31 meters long, and its three-section carriage can accommodate approximately 300 passengers. The tram will be put into operation at the end of November, after undergoing tests


The longest tram in Ukraine, the Odissey Max, is about to open.

Before being put into service, it’s tested on all the city routes of Odesa. Experts say the vehicle has excellent features and is easy to drive. The tests are carried out at night so as not to interfere with public transport.

Odissey Max is a three-section low-floor tram. The carriage features 62 seats and a zone for people with disabilities. It can comfortably accommodate up to 300 passengers.

The tram was assembled by Odessa specialists. It’s 31 meters long. While it doesn’t beat any world records, it is the longest tram in Ukraine.

The tram cost the local government $726,000 — much less than the average price for new vehicles of this type since it was made by the Odesa State Electric Transport company.

In Europe, the price of similar trams exceeds $1.5 million.

“We received the body with an installed control system, and all the other details and paneling were put together at car repair workshops. The electrical wiring, the upholstery, and some exterior elements were completed. The undercarriage was also fully repaired,” Chief engineer of the municipal enterprise GorElectroTrans (City Electric Transport) Oleksandr Katashynskyi said.

In addition to being eco-friendly, electric transport is also roomy and affordable.

According to Odesa utility companies, many local residents prefer trams and trolleys to buses. So far this year, the vehicles have transported 146 million people.

“It’s impressive. The size is good. I think it will be great for passengers. I wish we had more trams like this during the rush hour. It’s great,” Odesa resident Iryna said.

Odissey Max will begin working at the end of November. And in the spring, specialists plan on testing another model of its kind. The longest tram in the world runs in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. It’s made up of 9 sections and is over 55 meters long.

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date 08.11.2019
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