Old Car Land Festival

The 10th edition of OldCarLand Festival opened its doors at the open-air aviation museum in Kyiv and despite the cold weather, many old vintage cars enthusiasts showed up


For its 10-year anniversary, the Old Car Land Festival welcomed hundreds of rare and vintage cars – some, even over a century old or the last surviving examples of their kind.

There was also a special exhibition of nine cars that were awarded the Grand Prix at previous Old Car Land events.

“The value is determined by a combination of many factors,” organizer Pavlo Lozovenko said, “For instance, here among the Grand Prix winning cars we can see, what seems like a regular Volga 21. But! This is a very early example, 1956 model year. It’s when they’d just put it into production. The car is unique because not only is this the first series… At the time Volga 21 was ready for production, but the engine factory wasn’t ready to produce the new engine for it. And therefore this car has an older engine from the Pobeda model. So it seems like a regular Volga 21, but if you take for example the 1968 model and this 1956 one — they are very different cars. They have very different value, their price is different and the level of interest is different too.”

Among the hundreds of classic car enthusiasts and restorers in attendance was Oleksandr Zakharchenko, who drove a unique Moskvich 407.

“In our family, from 1958 there was a Moskvich 407. So it happened that I became an enthusiast. This is a unique car, as it was made on the 1st production day of the 407 model. The majority of this model’s production run was exported into capitalist countries. As a result they’re very rare, especially in this kind of condition,” Zakharchenko said.

Zakharchenko displayed the interior of his vehicle.

“At the time they hadn’t yet switched to starter activated by the ignition key. So a Moskvich of the era would start in a peculiar way. There was a separate starter pedal,” he said, pressing the accelerator pedal and sending a shoot of exhaust out the back.

“I drive it on the weekends when the weather is good, because it’s a car for the right mood, a car for the soul. I call it a time machine because it can transport you to a different era so you take in the atmosphere of that time,” he said.

Over the three days of the festival, Old Car Land hosts many events like drift shows – or even pedal car races for the youngest car fans.

Source UATV
date 10.05.2019
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